2016 Buckeye Classic

Welcome to the Ohio Taekwondo Association's 4th Buckeye Classic Championships.

This year's Buckeye Classic will again be held as part of the festivities during The Ohio State Fair at the Ohio Expo Center on Saturday, July 30, 2016.
717 E 17th Ave
Columbus, OH 43211


Online Registration

2016 OSTA Buckeye Classic Competitor
2016 OSTA Buckeye Classic Official

Registration: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Coaches / Referee Meeting: 10:00 am
Opening Ceremony / Begin Competition: 10:30 am

An Ohio State Fair day pass is required to enter the Fairgrounds on the day of the event; all on-line registration participants (competitors, coaches, referees, volunteers) will receive a complimentary day pass with their registration. Additional non-participant (parents, siblings, family, friends) day passes can be purchased at the advanced sale price of $6 as part of the on-line registration process. Online registration closes on July 23, 2016 at 11:59 PM due to the need to mail admission tickets to the registrants. Advance sale tickets may also be purchased through official Ohio State Fair ticket outlets, such as AAA, Kroger, and others or gate tickets may be purchased at the gate price ($10) on July 30th.

This year’s competitions will be

  • Olympic Sparring – Continuous sparring, point scored does not stop match
  • Point Style Sparring - Point scored stops the match and resets
  • Sport Poomsae – USAT / WTF official poomsae (Taegeuk and Kukkiwon Black Belt Forms)
  • Open Poomsae – all other unarmed poomsae including Palgwe, school forms, or creative forms
  • Weapons Forms – all armed forms
  • Padded Weapons Sparring – padded weapon point sparring, point scored stops match
  • Station Breaking – wood board breaking with multiple spots and techniques
  • Flying Side Kick – longest flying/jumping side kick
  • Team Demo – Up to 8 minute team demonstration of taekwondo techniques, precision, and artistic expression
  • Synchronized Forms


For questions, please contact
Ohio State Taekwondo Association, Buckeye Classic
c/o OMAC
1349 Brice Rd
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Rank Equivalents

Rank Equivalents

USAT recognizes a five rank system for non-blackbelts and OSTA events follow these rank guidelines for all events. Individual schools may recognized more or less belts. Please use the following chart as a representative guideline for rank equivilencies. Competitors MUST compete at their recognized school rank. ANYONE FOUND COMPETING IN A LOWER RANK WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

USAT Rank 10 Gup Belt System Approximate Training Experience
White 10, 9 Novice, 0-6 months
Yellow 8, 7 Beginner, 6-12 months
Green 6, 5 Intermediate1, 12-18 months
Blue 4, 3 Intermediate2, 18-24 months
Red 2, 1 Advanced, 24-36 month
Black 1st-3rd Dan > 36 months
Master Black 4th+ Dan > 10 years